Review Policy

I do not currently accept requests.

How can you Contact me:
You can contact me at:

What do you need to request a book review:
If you want to request a book review please send me:
Book Name*
Book Description*
Genre of Book*
Number of Pages
Goodreads Page 

*I only accept books provided directly by Author or Publisher.

Genres I will accept:

Young Adult
New Adult
Paranormal Romance
Romantic Suspense
Urban Fantasy
Science Fiction
Psychological Thrillers

Series Books:

If the book you request for a review is in a series than you would also have to send the previous books in a series.
I usually only accept to review the 1st book in a series, but If my review of the first book is 4-5 Stars, I will accept the next books in a series.
*I do not accept to review series longer than 7 books!

Formats I Prefer:

~Physical Books (Paperback or Hardcover)
After I accepted your Request, I will email you my physical address.  
*Please do not send me anything but the book I agreed to review. Well you can send me Swag if you like(;
* I usually put physical copies as my priority. I read/review them first 

As of now I only accept mobi format. 

My review includes:

-Book cover
-Book description (usually taken from Goodreads)
-Release Date
-Basic Book Info.(formats, pages, genre,etc)
-Links to purchase on Amazon and B&N (other links author might provide)
- Goodreads link to book
-My honest opinion of the book
-My Rating
-About the Author (If Author Requests)
-Promotional Material (If any. -Trailer)
- Excerpts/Burbs 

Where reviews will be posted:
-My Blog
-Google Plus


I have a lot on my TBR so It might take up to six month to review your book.
Please let me know if there is a certain time frame in which you would like the books to be finished and reviewed. I will try my best to fit it in my schedule. Otherwise, I will read and review books in as timely a manner as possible. 
*I might not accept book with certain time frame.

Things to keep in mind:
-The book you are requesting for review must be provided
-My review is my Honest Opinion, It might not be positive.
-Just because you request a review does not mean that I have to accept it.
-If your book is 2 STARS or below, I will still post my review on my Blog but it will be your decision if my review gets posted anywhere else.
- Feel free to contact me and ask any questions you might have.

Rating System:

This book is amazing in every way. One of my favorites.
Highly recommended. 

A really great book, but something was missing. 

It was a good read, with potential, but could of been a lot better.

Something kept me from giving up on it, but definitely not a re-read. Needs some work.

Broken Heart Rating. 
Needs a lot of work.


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