Review: Agent Colt Shore Domino 29 by Axel Avian

Agent Colt Shore Domino 29 by Axel Avian

Published: May 15th, 2013
Publisher: Arundel Publishing 

Format:  Paperback
Pages: 370
Genre: YA, Action

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Rating: 4.5

When an ordinary kid learns he’s the heir to a secret agent dynasty, F.A.L.C.O.N puts him on a case to protect a famous rock group and find a missing journalist. Before he knows it, Colt Shore has gone from body guard to rock star to full-fledged agent when he learns that a human trafficking ring plans to kidnap a group of teenage girls. It will take more than his ingenuity and skills and a couple of cool gadgets to protect his new friends and rescue the captured girls before it’s too late


 Agent Colt Shore: Domino 29 is a fast-paced, action packed spy novel. It took me a day to finish this book. I just couldn't stop reading it. It was like this movie was playing in my head and I didn't want to pause it, yes this book would definitely be an awesome movie if they ever made one. 

    The plot was pretty good. I never actually read spy books before so this was a something new and surprisingly I just loved it! In this book we meet Colt Shore whose an ordinary teen who attends a spy school, okay maybe he's not that ordinary, still he's pretty much the not popular kid who lives behind his brother shadow. His brother died before Colt was born, everyone loved him and he was one of the top agents in  F.A.L.C.O.N. Now Colt is not his brother, he is not a top agent or an active agent. But when one day he overhears something that shocks him and changes his life...big time. Than he finally gets his first mission to protect two rock star kids who under danger of being kidnapped. His mission sounds simple enough, just to keep two people safe, what he didn't expect is to find even a bigger mission, that might even result in his what is he going to do? 

   The characters in this book were really entertaining. I loved Colt, he was really cool, his character was just really real to me. I also liked all of the other agents, they made me want to live in their spy world. There weren't really a lot of character "get to know" moments because it mostly focused on the story and all of the action. But in the end I think there is enough information to know the characters, and  to see the change and development through out the story, especially Colt's. 

   Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was an awesome read with a lot of action and some fun moments. I would definitely recommend this book to teens who like action and spy books. 



  1. Sounds really great, I love to hear about books that people can't put down. Off to add it to my TBR list...



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