Review: Sunday Girl by Kalliope Lee

Sunday Girl by Kalliope Lee 

Published: April 11th, 2013
Publisher: Psychopomp Press

Format: E-book
Pages: 372

Genre: Paranormal, Adult

Ages: 18+
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Rating: 4.0

Full moon night in Seoul.

Victim of a brutal crime, beautiful, mentally troubled Jang-Mee dissociates from her body and becomes a channel for an ancestral ghost who hints at historical secrets. Seeking out the ghost again, Jang-Mee becomes addicted to dangerous, extreme situations that bring her to the edge.

As friend Sibyl tries to save Jang-Mee from self-destruction, Sibyl is forced to confront her own dark nature and the shame and taboos surrounding sexuality.

Sunday Girl explores the traumatic wounds that haunt the blood through generations


    To tell you honestly it took me awhile to get through the first half of the book, I just kept putting this book off to my To-Finish shelf. I don't know why, because it the plot of the story was actually really interesting, but I have to say it was a little bit confusing in the beginning and I couldn't really get into the story. After about one month of on and off reading this book I decided to just go ahead and try to finish it, I was at 50% than. In one day I finished the rest of the book. Surprisingly it was not because I just wanted to get it over with, but because I just couldn't stop reading it. At that part the story just pulled me in and I didn't even looked how far I was, I was just reading and reading it.

   The plot to this story is amazing. I really loved that it was set in Korea, since I just love Korean culture, so I was really excited to finally read the book that was set in Korea. It might sound like a horror genre but it was so much more. I can't even put one genre on this book that really fits because honestly it was part everything. There were some history, romance, adventure, supernatural, and even a little bit psychological and philosophical. I can't really say that it was a "ghost-story" either or a Gothic, but I can say that it was unique.

  The characters in Sunday Girl are really hard for me to talk about because honesty they were really confusing to me. At times I just couldn't understand why some characters were acting the way they were acting. I can't really say I didn't like them, because I did. The whole confusing act thing was actually really interesting because you get to see a different perspective and actions, the ones that you wouldn't expect from characters. They will surprise you.

   Overall, I really liked this book. The plot was really unique, so were the characters. I loved the setting and the story itself. I actually learned some history while reading this book. It was only that the fist half of the book was hard to go through, but maybe it was just me. I would definitely recommend this book. If you would like to read something unique and new, you should definitely check this book out!


  1. Hmm the concept of her being a channel for a ghost seems interesting and how it will play out with the sexual taboos.

  2. I like your review :) Sounds interesting.



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