Movie Review: The Host

The Host (2013)
Release Date: March 29(2013)
Directed by Andrew Niccol
Produced by Stephenie Meyer, Nick Wechsler, Steve Schwartz, Paula Mae Schwartz
Screenplay by Andrew Niccol
Running time: 125 minutes

 The majority of the human race have been possessed by unseen invaders, leaving only small pockets of "wild" humans like Melanie (Saoirse Ronan) scattered throughout the world. Upon being captured by the invaders, Melanie finds her body claimed by Wanderer, a spirit that has been warned of the difficulties that come with claiming a human host. In the process of inhabiting Melanie, Wanderer is deeply affected by her vivid dreams and memories. And when Melanie fights to maintain control of her mind even as Wanderer possesses her body, the sympathetic entity joins her on a journey that will reveal the unfathomable depths of human love and compassion.

My Review:
All films face expectations. Especially the ones that are based off books. As you may know The Host is  adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s 2008 novel “The Host". Well because Stephenie Meyer's big success  in Twilight saga, there were big expectations for The Host, honestly it might be true to other audience, the non-readers. For me, I didn't quit enjoy Twilight saga, and I wanted to have big expectations from The Host, only because of the book. I loved the book, there is no lie to that. It was 5 out of 5 stars for me. I enjoyed it a lot more than Twilight, because honestly the story was quit amazing. The movie. Well I tried my hardest to just enjoy it as a movie, but it is hard not to compare it to the movie. In general the whole movie was not horrible, but it was not great either. Let's talk about the cast.

For me the cast was quit good. The only person I really had trouble with is Melanie/Wanda which is played by Saoirse Ronan. I just didn't see her as Melanie. It's not just that, I got used to her playing Melanie, but the only thing I didn't liked about Saoirse is her voice. It honestly annoyed me. I know, mean, sorry, just telling the truth. Especially the Melanie's voice "in her head" just sounded fake to me. Maybe it's just me. Next Ian. At first I saw Jake Abel as perfect Ian, but in the movie, he was a little bit awkward. Maybe it was his acting? Like he wasn't comfortable playing Ian? Hmm... well that's says it. Next Jared. Perfect! Max Irons was perfect Jared, almost what I saw in my head when I read the book! That's all I have to say about him, he was perfect. I honestly loved all of the other cast too. Like The Seeker, I think Diane Kruger played her part great. So did Chandler Canterbury as Jamie Stryder, William Hurt as Jeb Stryder and Scott Lawrence as Doc. So the cast was 4/5 for me.

Now the whole book into movie. That was probably my main problem. I don't think the movie really showed all of the good parts, didn't really connect the movie to the book. Like there were same good parts....only some. Like to people who didn't read the book, the movie looks like some crazy sci-fi sh...It looked like the whole plot was just one crazy love triangle. But honestly there wasn't even a triangle. Melanie loved Jared, well good Jared loved her too. Wanda loved Ian, well surprise! he loves her back. No love triangle, just the problem of Wanda and Melanie being in the same body.   And I loved that! But I didn't feel anything. Like I didn't feel the connection between Ian and Wanda, like he just magically started liking her. Like Ta DA! No. I hate that. She didn't even really talked to him! Not like in the book. I like to see the feeling, the progress! But there were none! At least for Melanie and Jared, they had those memories, and those didn't ever show a lot. Even if I didn't read the book, I feel like I would still feel no connections between characters, no progress, nothing. The only moment in the movie that really stood up to me, is the scene almost at the very end when Wanda was saying goodbye and talking to Melanie, that was in her head. That's the only scene I got almost emotional at. So overall the movie was okay. It definitely could of been a lot better! I feel like I should maybe go to the movie before reading the book, because I have way to high expectations for the books that I really enjoyed. 


  1. I didn't watch the movie and I am not going to because I don't like the actors. I mean, I like them fine but in another movie, not this one. When I watched the trailer I didn't feel connected to the movie. I couldn't see any of the actors as the characters in the book!

    I don't know, it's just that for me, they should've picked different actors.

  2. Max Irons, Saoirse Ronan and.. ! Jake Abel (; were personally perfect gor their roles. Especially Jake as Ian. Overall, it's very well casted for me. Yet Emily Browning who is playing Pet / future wanda... wasnt exactly who I pictured... she'll do fine.

    Kelsey @ !

    1. I think so too! When I saw her as Pet, I was not feeling it! I didn't see her as Pet at all! But I guess I will get used to he if there is going to be the second Host movie(:

  3. Cool review! I really liked the movie. I agree with you on Saoirse playing the lead, she is a good actress, but I imagined Melanie to be tanner. It is hard cause when you read the book, your expectations are so high.

  4. I appreciate your review. I haven't seen the Host yet but I enjoyed the book.
    I had the same attitude with the Twilight movies. They were OK if you had not read the book. The movies were so lacking but I still enjoyed them. They were just disappointing. Thanks for the review.

  5. There is no doubt about it that The Host movie is better by far than the Twilight movies. But it still just didn't live up to the book. It was still not half bad though. I only nodded off once!



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