Review: Tethered Twins by Mike Essex

Tethered Twins by Mike Essex

Published: January 3rd 2013
Genre: Science Fiction

Source: From the author

Format: E-book

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A gripping dystopian adventure set in an alternate future where every baby is born with a twin, sharing a psychic link from birth. The only catch; if your twin dies you die too.
When Emmie Keyes lives through every agonizing moment of her brother's death she knows with certainty that her life is over. Despite the inevitability of imminent death she inexplicably cheats fate and survives.
Devastated by the loss of her brother and unsure why she was spared, Emmie sets out to discover the truth. She enlists the help of her best friend to help her track down the most powerful man in the world with one goal in mind; finding the truth.
In the first part of this destiny changing trilogy, Emmie finds herself questioning every loyalty she has ever known including the trust of her friends and those she loves. She challenges the very fundamentals of her broken society in her quest to find out why she survived. 
In this action packed debut novel that is adrenaline soaked from the very first page you will uncover the truth behind the Tethers that bind Emmie's world with shocking revelations and mind bending twists along the way.

My review:

  Tethered Twins is one of the most action-packed book I ever read. I love that! The beginning of the book really captures you. Emmie Keyes found herself in a room with two strangers, beating her and cutting her until she is a color of blood. She see there orange eyes and knows it is the day she will die. She didn't want to die. She didn't want him to die. Her brother, because he is the one who tied to a chair, he is the one who bleeds, but they both feel it. What her brother feels, she feels too, her brother is dying, she is dying too. Because they are born into a tethered world, a world where everyone is born with a twin and if your twin dies, you die with him/her. And she did, or that what she thought, until she woke up perfectly fine, but without having no connection left with her brother, she can feel him anymore. He is dead. Now she needs to figure out what really happened, to avenge her brother, and tried not to get killed, or worse experiment on.  

  The plot really is something unique, I never read a book that is similar to  this one. It was soo different, the world that Mike Essex created. It was different, in a really good way. Honestly a lot of times story's like this, you would think not going to work. But this one definitely worked. I just loved how when I tried to guess what will happen, it was always something totally different, and it really keeps you on the edge and reading. There were some AWESOME twists! I loved them! Like in the end....blew my mind. 

  The characters were really amazing! I loved how the story was actually told from different characters, bad and good guys. Is it weird that one of my favorite characters is a total psycho? Haha because I honestly love his character, he is evil and he is just perfect at it. Perfect psycho!  Maybe I loved his character, because of how creepy and 100% crazy he is. Well Emmie, that is one of the main characters is also pretty cool, but It was a little nit unbelievable of how she acted at some parts, like especially when she felt her brother die. 

  Overall I really liked this book, it was a fast action pack read with some awesome twists. I would recommend this to readers who love some action;D You know, thriller action, with guns and stuff. :D 



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